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Computer Repair and Services

Our purpose at The Computer Guys is to provide the best products and service for our clients at the best possible price. We serve Bend and all major outlying areas, constantly offering excellent deals and opportunities. There is no problem too big and no challenge too hard for us, we can tackle it all.

The computer technology industry is a fast paced and fluid environment, and it’s our job to keep up to date to best serve our clients.

Computer technology servicesWe at The Computer Guys offer a wide range of services including; computer services, web services, technology services, and even computer classes.

Every client is our most important client, and we eagerly want to meet your needs, whether they are young or old, experts or novices, business or personal. We have worked with pretty much every type of client out there.

You can feel secure knowing that there is no job too tough and no situation too daunting for us to handle.

The Computer Guys are here to help with anything from computer repair to web design!

Clients come first at The Computer Guys

Your needs are important to us

computer work on laptopIf for a moment you could come into our living room and take a seat on our comfy red couch, we would love to tell you a little about us...

A warm, personal touch and kind, friendly service is what you will find at the Computer Guys. While we are still geeky tech guys, we know how important it is that our clients are comfortable and can trust us. Trust is not just about competence but also about chemistry and character. We cover all three in spades.

Our team consists of three professional techs each specializing in a specific field; Computer, Web, and Tech.

Computer Services
Computer Repair and Services

Web Services
website design and seo

Technology Services
education, repair, and networking of all technology

computer repair and website designWe believe that our clients are the most important part of our business and our service reflects this. With each situation we work hard to give great value to our clients and provide the best prices in the industry.

We have seen a shift in our industry over the last few years to a model where clients are treated more like cattle. Big box stores have traded the time honored values of good client services and replaced them with training manuals and pasted on smiles. Haphazardly trained staffs botch as many jobs as they complete and the needs of the clients are simply lost in the shuffle, however, at the end of the day the client is the one paying for the mess. This will never be the case at The Computer Guys.

Computer Services

  • Wipe Restore Back Up
  • Virus Clean Up
  • Software Tune Up
  • Back-Up All Data
  • Business Back-Up
    (Corporate or Server)

Website Services

  • Basic Website
  • Advanced Website
  • CMS Website
  • SEO Packages
    Starts at $149
  • Hosting Cost
  • All Prices based on us hosting.

Education Services

  • 1 on 1 Tutorial Class
  • 5 Tutorial Package
    $30 Per
  • Groups 2 or More
    (Price per person)
    $35 +$25 Per add
  • Educational Lectures

Hourly Rates

  • Diagnostic (waived if)
  • Hourly Rate
  • House Call
    (includes first hour)
    in Bend and Lapine:
    other locations:
  • Networking